Space and Geoscience Division

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Space and Geo Sciences Division
According to reports, the global space economy has generated more than $ 300 billion annually and the turnover of the remote sensing space industry has been over $ 60 billion per year. The scope of technology in this industry, including electronics, telecommunications, mechanics, remote sensing and materials, confirms the importance of this industry and its role in the development of the country.
The country's capacities and advantages:
Considering the country's situation and the progress made in recent years in design and construction of satellites and satellite carriers in addition to the existence of active knowledge-based companies, there is a good capacity to expand the country's activities in this area:
- Designing and manufacturing of space products;
- Providing practical space-based services and creating overflows in other fields of science and technology;
Some carried out activities: 
- Identifying national priority issues in the field of space and providing innovative solutions;
- Establishment of effective communication with research centers and knowledge-based companies;
- Cooperation with developed countries and technology owners in this field;
Geo Sciences:
Disaster management refers to the facilitation of time management before, during, and after natural and man-made disasters in order to reduce the financial and human losses resulting from them. Geophysics, which includes geo-related technologies and the analysis of extracted information from it, is closely related to the safety and quality of life of individuals in society.
According to international reports, Iran is one of the high risk countries in terms of natural disasters due to its geographical location, so disaster management is of special importance in reducing the possible damages of these disasters in the country.
The country's capacities and advantages:
- The existing local capacities in terms of capability and knowledge;
- Iran's role and position in the region and appropriate relations with neighboring countries.
Some carried out activities: 
- Establishment of  international technology cooperation in order to facilitate communication between internal organizations related to disaster management and international organizations and institutions;
- Supporting of capable domestic companies;
- Monitoring the current situation and the challenges in the field of geophysics and disaster management in the country;
- Benefiting from the overflow of new technologies, including space in the field of geosciences;
- Identifying and evaluating the country's challenges in this area.