International Affairs

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International Affairs
There are three levels of definition in science and technology diplomacy:
- Technology as a power source for diplomacy: the science and technology interactions of a country with other international actors which can be at the service of its foreign policy;
- Diplomacy as a power source for science and technology: Establishing diplomatic relations between a country and the international stakeholders that can foster science and technology cooperation;
- Use of science and technology for diplomatic purposes: science acts toward shaping and supporting foreign policy goals.
The capacities and advantages of the country for development of technology diplomacy include:
- Talented human resources;
- Foreign capacities with regional preferences.
Some of the achievements of technology diplomacy are:
- Holding the “International Innovation and Technology Exhibition (INOTEX)”;
- Holding the Iranian high technology products exhibitions in neighboring countries;
- Holding the “International Workshop on Science and Technology Diplomacy for Developing Countries”;
- Holding several workshops of science and technology diplomacy;
- Increasing technological interactions between the presidents of the countries through giving technological gifts.